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Stay Light with Liz 

Stay Light with Liz offers mindfulness practices to assist in managing emotional and physical sensitivity. Since Liz believes health and wellness begin with the breath, she aims to normalize accessible healing practices for every body through yoga classes, sound baths and wellness sessions. 

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Private Sound Baths

Sound baths are an otherworldly experience that integrate so well for birthdays, moon celebrations and even for the workplace. Known for the healing effects on the body, mind and spirit, sound bowls add a blissful layer to rest and relaxation. The vibrations from the crystal bowls align with the frequencies of the body, aiding in a sense of peace that washes over your being. Traditionally played during meditation, your guests will be guided to more ease and rest. 

Wellness Workshops

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking care of oneself and each other. More than ever we collectively see the need to make space for healing, taking breaks and tending to not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Stay Light with Liz facilitates curated well being sessions for individuals, groups and workplaces. Each workshop is designed to fill the need of those in the "room"often incorporating soothing breathing techniques to use in stressful times, a little accessible movement to release tension and self-care practice exploration. Each person will leave with a renewed sense of calm and a few more tools towards promoting their health and happiness. 

Yoga Classes

The practice of yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that can include body movements, breath work and mindfulness, all which aims towards a calm mind and body. Taking a yoga class when practiced properly and safely, is a really effective tool towards health in mind, body and spirit. Personally, nothing has ever given me such room and ease to breathe, relax and recenter from the difficulties of life. It is an individual sanctuary that gives opportunity for connection with others. 

Stay Light with Liz provides accessible yoga perfect for beginners and gentle bodies, giving lots of guidance and messaging of self acceptance along the way. 

When individuals are at their best, they have more to give to others.

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