Peace is a birthright.

Stay Light with Liz Yoga offers mindfulness practices to aide in emotional and physical sensitivity. Since health and wellness begins with the breath, she aims to normalize and make accessible yogic healing practices for every body. She offers weekly gentle rising yoga classes, group and private in person sound baths and hosts soothing sessions for busy workplaces. 

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Private Sound Baths 

Sound baths are an otherwordly experience that integrate so well for birthdays, moon celebrations and even for the workplace. Known for the healing effects on the body, mind and spirit, sound bowls aide in rest and relaxation. Traditionally played during meditation, your guests will be guided to more ease and bliss. 

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  • Take the Stigma Out of Sensitive
    Jun 27, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM PDT
    This workshop takes the stigma out of sensitivity by empowering highly sensitive folx to navigate their gifts.

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While navigating mental health and chronic body pain, what it means to be biracial and with invisible limitations, I found yoga. I can recall the exact moment where I took my first honest breath of my life in a yoga class and haven't looked back. After years of undiagnosed anxiety, depression, mood swings and general emotional instability I found yoga.  From breath work to moving the body with asanas, from meditation to practicing rest, I'm committed to normalizing the very tools that have set me free for every body. 

I offer inclusive yoga classes, sound baths and meditations virtually and in person in the LA area.  I'm passionate about sharing with other wellness practitioners how to serve marginalized folx reclaim their liberation. I strongly believe inner peace is a birthright and belongs to all bodies.

If you're looking for a healthy outlet for healing, a gentle approach to moving the body, a guiding hand to deepen the breath, you're in the right place. I'm ready to share these tools with you, your family, friends or workspace. 

Where did all this begin?

LA has my heart, the South has my roots.


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