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Liz McLean

Gentle Accessible Yoga Teacher 

Intuitive Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Wellness Workshop Facilitator

Corporate Mindfulness Guide

Apparel Designer

Highly Sensitive Spirit

A Bit About Me

While navigating mental health and chronic body pain, what it means to be biracial and with invisible limitations, I found yoga. I can recall the exact moment where I took my first honest breath of my life in a yoga class and haven't looked back. After years of undiagnosed anxiety, depression, mood swings and general emotional instability I found yoga.  From breath work to moving the body with asanas, from meditation to setting boundaries, I'm committed to normalizing the very tools that have set me free for every body. 

I offer inclusive yoga classes, sound baths and meditations virtually and in person in the LA area. Also available are wellness workshops that include activities that soothe the nervous system, destress the mind and heal the soul. I'm passionate about sharing with other wellness practitioners how to serve marginalized folx reclaim their liberation. I strongly believe inner peace is a birthright and belongs to all bodies.

If you're looking for a healthy outlet for healing, a gentle approach to moving the body, a guiding hand to deepen the breath, you're in the right place. I'm ready to share these tools with you, your family, friends or workspace. 

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