Check out the library of yoga classes, guided meditations, sound baths and member perks. 


Your membership means free yoga services to those in need + projects like mask donations and the Chest Surgery Pillow campaign stay on going.


Take your yoga with you anytime anywhere and know you are making a big impact on and off the mat.


Membership options start at $3. 


Circular Economy


model of sharing, bartering, exchanging energy, uplifting, mentoring, gifting & supporting one another. This helps us live in an abundance mindset as opposed to a fear based scarcity reality. We all have different gifts, ideas and skills and together we actively focus on giving back to others.                                                   


In 2018, we started a program to supply folx soon to undergo a chest surgery with a special designed pillow for safe travels, particularly on the way home from surgery. This is a MUST have item for breast cancer chest surgeries and top surgeries. We have hand made + donated over 300 pillows & still going strong!

Pillows are donation based because healing belongs to every BODY. 


With the onset of Covid-19, we pulled together & donated a mask with each mask order. We've donated over 150 hand made, reusable masks for organizations & families in need. Thank you! Masks are still for sale and for donation upon request.


To be continued....