Good rising friends. This item is bittersweet. It is a functional pillow used for car travel or general comfort when sitting after surgery like heart surgery or a mastectomy. Having the cushion between your chest and the seat belt when healing from chest surgery, you can feel safe and secure. My family members who have battled with breast cancer have used such a pillow for weeks following their surgery to be able to travel in a vehicle, making it easier to get back to normal. I hope this item helps you or your loved one on your healing process. 


The pillow comes with an underpillow in satin hot pink in homage to Breast Cancer Awareness. The outer pillow case comes in linen- black or cream. Linen is much more sustainable than other fabrics, bringing good karma to our healing process. Techniques used in the in-house production studio help protect the environment from wasted materials. The outer case allows you to wash the pillow case and keep the inner pillow clean- important for healing.


Custom fabric, colors and sizes available upon request. 



Need the cheapest option possible? Hey, I get it! This is a difficult time and for most of us, that means financially too. I don't think helpful tools like this travel pillow should be accessable just to those with lots of money. Consider purchasing the pattern for the pillow case and make it at home. The video tutorial is included with the purchase and I am available for any questions you may have.



Please stay light. <3 


Chest Surgery Pillow