This kit includes:

-3 complete color palettes of beads (ABUNDANCE dark green and gold metallics, PINKS AND PURPLES, NUDES browns and golds)

-Plenty of stretchy but STRONG string that fits your beads perfectly

-Ceramic bead bowl for holding your beads 

-An info card on African waistbead history

-BONUS accent beads

-A handmade eye weight for meditation

-Incense for your waist bead ceremony

-Tutorial on Youtube


Don't be shy! Mix your colors and make it your own.

Each DIY pack has enough enough beads for approx. 3-8 waist beads strands, depending on size and design. 

All you need are scissors. 


My Story:


Somewhere along the lines I realized I was missing the connection to my Nigerian hertiage. No one spoke of it growing up but I felt called to something from the past. 


One day I finished reading Sacred Woman and another day soon after I finished Wild Power. Before, I had never thought about connecting with my womb center before. Using the guidelines of this ancient knowledge translated to my modern life, noticeable improvements happened like softer menstrual cycle symptoms and more inuition with my inner voice knowing when to say "no". I began to love on my womb with oils, with crystals, with waistbeads. After having trouble finding the right type of waistbead for me and realizing the meaning behind creating my own, I started gathering supplies that I would also like to share with you. 


Many of you have asked about my waistbeads and what they mean. To me, it's a connection to my Nigeria heritage. It's a way to love on my femininity- to connect to it. It's a profound sense of connection to those before us, a prayer within each threading of a bead sealed with its knot. 



DIY Waist Bead Pack