This recovery pillow is a MUST HAVE to get home safely after any chest surgery such as:





-breast augmentation

-top surgery

-open heart surgery

-shoulder injury


It's especially needed for the car ride home for protection from the seatbelt, bumps and turns. Use it throughout the healing process to sleep, sit and lounge in ease. This pillow is soft yet supportive and comes with a utility pocket for your phone, remote control, heat pads or crystals. The strap allows you to use your arms freely as you regain strength and throw it over your shoulder for easy transport. Enjoy the added comfort as you transition into public spaces for appointments or to socialize!

*****A new design feature not pictured is a tie in the front to hold a seatbelt in place*****

*VERSATILE AND LONG LASTING USE. Useful as a cozy pillow even after recovery!* 


Show your love by providing SUPPORT, PROTECTION AND COMFORT. 


Made by hand by a breast cancer survivor's daughter, granddaughter and spouse.

The fabric is soft to the touch, goes well with your home decor and is washable!!!! 


Custom sizing available upon request

Great as a recovery gift.



top surgery

heart surgery


shoulder injury


please note as the global supply chain is inconsistent, an equally cozy and beautiful fabric will be used. Thank you for your understanding! <3

Mastectomy Top Surgery Recovery Pillow

  • There are no refunds or exchanges. Returns are costly for the shop and for you, as return shipping is not supplied by me or credited to a customer and the pillow cannot be reused for another customer. Please check out the description and policies fully before purchasing and feel free to ask any questions to ensure the right purchase for you. <3 I'd love to chat about how to make your package just right!