Sometimes we just need a safe space to exist and unwind. Stay Light with Liz virtual meditations are just that. Rooted in yoga philosophy, Liz will provide a safe and welcoming container for you to express how you're feeling honestly before a guided meditation to reset your nervous system. Although not a problem sovling session, the techniques to gain clairty over the matter and aide in maintaining your general calmness will leave you feeling renewed. 


This is wonderful gift for someone who...


-has anxiety

-feels overwhelmed

-has nervous system disorders

-has trouble taking deep, calm breaths

-feels overworked or stressed (from work or life in general)

-having trouble sleeping

-feeling tension

-recovering from physical, mental or emotionaly truama


What to Expect:


A Consultation to Assess Your Needs and Wants

Gentle Seated Poses to Relieve Tension

Breath Work to Access the Spirit 

Guided Meditation to Be Lead to Bliss (seated or laying down)


If you have any questions please feel welcome to reach out at 


Once purchased, please book your session using this link ---->

If it's a gift, please let me know the name and email of the person it's for and I'll send the link to them. 


I hope these sessions help more hearts stay light. <3



Private Virtual Meditation

  • Refunds:

    Once a session is booked, other tasks and appointments are cancelled or denied. For a single person small business, this can be extremely problematic. For simplicity, no refunds are available. I am more than happy and excited to chat with you before a purchase to ensure it's the right fit. Thank you for understanding! I enjoy customizing an experience for someone and I'd love to curate the right match before you purchase. 

    Missed Appointments:

    If a client no call, no shows an appointment, a refund, credit or exchange will not be given. If you have questions on this policy please let me know. Any rescheduling requests prior to the appointment day, is at the discretion of Liz McLean. 



    Stay Light with Liz / Liz McLean is not responsible for loss or damage to person or property. The guidance or teachings in this service are all with the understanding that you will make the right decisions for yourself and your body in the present moment. Treat all my suggestions as an invitation you can say no to or not do at any time. Only participate with the approval of your medical and/or theraputic providers.